I love my life! My number one priority is to feel good, so I love letting my hair down and having a good laugh.

I consider myself a world citizen and share an uncomplicated life with my husband, Armand Dijcks, and our cat, Izzy, in the modern city of Rotterdam, Netherlands. They keep me laughing and smiling...and also singing and dancing!

Brit Hammer (1969) is a photographer, teacher, bestselling author, fine artist, and occasional model.


Brit's interest in form, structure, and color began in early childhood and can be credited in large part to her father’s influence. From him she learned the basics of woodworking as well as the joys of spending hours putting together large puzzles of abstract art. Throughout her teens Brit was exposed to a large number of European stained glass windows and fell in love with how they threw the light. An interest in Gothic architecture and colored glass followed.

At age 16 Brit learned pattern-making and couture sewing techniques from her mother. This was the start of her formal exploration of form and structure. When asked about her process of creating a dress, Brit would explain, "I don't sew a dress; I build it."  While in university Brit won awards for her work, including Best Collection in the annual student fashion show. Brit graduated cum laude in 1991 with a BSc in fashion design, later returning several times as a guest lecturer and to jury subsequent student fashion shows.

In 2000 Brit left the fashion industry and moved from New York City to Rotterdam shortly after meeting her Dutch husband. Two years later she switched corporate life for a new career in fine art. Brit’s first mature body of work, a series of abstract Byzantine glass mosaics created between 2002 and 2008, is inspired by life-changing moments and the emotions that accompany them.

In 2007 Brit published her first book, Reflections: Textural Glass Art, archived at the Corning Museum of Glass. Also published that year was Meditations: Messages From the Other Side. Subsequent titles include Brit's first two bestselling books, Mosaic: Finding Your Own Voice and Breakout! Your Pathway to Success.

In 2008 Brit began painting fresco paintings albeit in a non-traditional way. Painting in wet cement frees Brit from the limitation of predetermined colors. She uses her hands to spontaneously blend the pigments while sculpting the cement. Through these lyrical fresco paintings Brit asks viewers to take one’s life into one’s own hands and to transform it into something beautiful. This way of working is documented in Brit’s 2012 book, Cement Fresco: The Art of Serendipity.

In 2012 Brit began mentoring artists and teaching photography. The following year she published Living An Artful Life magazine.

In early 2014 Brit said farewell to mosaic when she published her magnum opus, Fine Art Mosaic: Toward the Within, a large-format coffee table book. By this time she had made photography her full-time focus and has since launched several courses teaching how to use photography to celebrate one's home life and travels.

Never one to shy away from a big project, Brit is currently working on a multi-year film and book project utilizing imagery shot by astronauts onboard the International Space Station.

"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are." ― Joseph Campbell